Payroll / RTI

As Pay Roll becomes a more complex, time consuming process and expensive to update the changing parameters, many businesses are now outsourcing this accounting function to a specialist Payroll bureau. So, at Polaris Accountants we operate a range of Payrolls for our clients, from the very small to the very large; on a weekly, fortnightly, four weekly or monthly pay periods. Advice is always at hand from our qualified staff for any technical matters.

We offer a complete Payroll bureau facility, where other individual services can be selected in order to free your time and allow you to concentrate on running your business:

*Preparing all necessary forms P45, P35 and P60/P14’s etc.
*Providing on going ad-hoc support for all of you wages queries
*Performing PAYE/NIC health check reviews, prior to a control visit
*Preparing forms P11d and calculating the resultant class 1a NIC liability
*Advising you in relation to the payroll implications of IR35
*Advising you of the journals necessary to update your computerised accounting records
*Tax efficient remuneration planning.

As well as releasing your time and ensuring the quality of wages administration, outsourcing this function will usually save you money. We at Polaris Accountants will ensure that you pay no more PAYE/NIC tax than you absolutely have to.