Team Of Professionals

Accountants for Contractors

More and more people are choosing to operate through their own Limited companies, partly due to changes in corporate working practices but also because of the freedom, control and enjoyment that comes from being your own boss.

The fact that contractors, consultants and freelancers can command much higher daily rates of pay may also be an influencing factor, but surely this is only to be expected, bearing in mind the lack of holiday and sick pay, and the other additional benefits which are lost when moving from employment to contract work.

We provide all our clients with pro-active tax advice and accountancy services.

We are the Scotland’s specialist accountants for contractors whom work through their own Limited company.

We offer all clients:

Unlimited face to face meetings. Tax is complicated which is why we offer everyone face to face meetings.
No call centres, no outsourcing, no press one for this or two for that. Telephone, email or meet face to face.
Our all inclusive package includes:

* Year-end accounts
* Corporation tax
* Payroll bureau
* Dividend administration
* Dealing with HM Revenue and Customs and Companies House
* Quarterly / Annually VAT Calculations
* Support with Annual Returns
* Personal Taxation
* Access to your accountant for all help and advice