VAT (Value Added Tax)

Value Added Tax is arguably the most complicated of all the taxes – so complex that many businesses inadvertently overpay or underpay VAT. In addition, it is ‘policed’ the most forcefully by the relevant tax authority when you get it wrong. Because of this, and because of the tax planning opportunities which exist for this tax, we have an expert team of staff to advice on all VAT matters.

Depending on your particular circumstances, the VAT areas where you may require assistance include:

*Assistance with VAT registration
*Advice on VAT planning and administration
*Use of the most appropriate scheme
*VAT control and reconciliation
*Help with completing VAT returns
*Planning to minimise future problems with the relevant tax authority

In seeking our advice at Polaris Accountants in structuring your financial affairs and calculating your net VAT position you can rest assured that you will not be paying any more VAT than you absolutely have to.